I. All shipments are subject to a cancellation fee of 25% of the invoice amount, with a minimum amount of AED250 in total. It can take up to 30 days from the date the refund request is received for the refund to be processed.

II. As soon as the cargo has been submitted to the carrier, but is still at the origin and can be returned, then we will request the carrier to put the shipment on hold for a period of time. Once the client has provided a written confirmation that the goods have been returned, the return process will begin. In addition to standard cancellation fees, any charges incurred on this return will be applied to the amount due back on behalf of the client and will be removed from the amount due back.

III. In the event that a shipment is processed by a freight carrier and is not possible to return it to the shipper after processing, i.e. the cargo is on the way to the destination: consolidated in the container, entered into the container yard or pier of an international ocean carrier to be loaded onto a vessel, etc., a refund cannot be issued.

IV. It has been reported that if a scheduled cut off (latest delivery)/pickup day is missed, we will roll the shipment over to another vessel without further notice if the cargo has not been delivered to a ship terminal by the intended delivery day as requested by the customer at the time of booking. Each time a rollover occurs, a rollover fee may be charged:

There is an additional charge of AED25 per roll over for Pinas Express Cargo shipments. This does not apply to the first and second roll overs. It starts from the third roll over onwards. There may be a fee associated with an attempt to pick up (if pickup is requested). 

V. There will be a minimum transaction fee of 3.79% or AED10 for all credit card refunds, whichever is greater, on the refund amount.

VI. Tabby payment refund for link at 9% and tabby card at 14% will be deducted.

VII. The status of shipment must be checked before a refund can be applied.

VIII. The Tabby refund will be approved once the accounts have been approved.

IX. On the same day the courier picks up the box from the customer, we should settle the payment with the proof of merchant, cash or tabby link as soon as the courier picks up the package. In the case of a bank transfer, we are unable to release the cash receipt until the payment has been confirmed.

X. Refunds will be automatically reflected on the customer's tabby account as soon as the refund is processed.