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Sea Cargo Services

We have no limitations in the size/weight of the goods and provide a full portfolio of services, advance tracking technology and managing shipping documents.

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Air Cargo Services

Our exceptional relationships with the world’s major commercial airlines, air cargo carriers and charters result in our customer’s fast attention towards our cargo service company throughout our journey.

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General Warehousing

We move faster, respond sooner and deliver more. Our clients trust us with their cargo because we’ve proven our ability to react quickly, protect their cargo completely, and deliver on time anywhere in the Philippines.

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Cargo Packaging, Loading & Unloading Services

Pinas Express Cargo is a Dubai based company, operating in UAE and Philippines. We use systematic procedure in packing, loading and unloading of “Balikbayan” boxes in the container ensuring maximum safety and time efficiency.

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Containers Loading & Unloading Services

It’s Important to hire a professional for the loading and unloading of your articles and objects because it has been noticed that during this stage of moving the maximum damage can be brought about.

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Trucking Services

Pinas Express Cargo provides inland trucking from the main hub to different destinations for its distribution operations enabling us to fulfill our commitment to deliver in a timely and safe manner the boxes entrusted to us by customers.

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Trucking serv