Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  • The sender understands and agrees with all the following conditions of this contract.
  • There is no right for legal claims above this document unless specified in written form.
  • Service includes door pickup, transport and storage, customs clearance and door delivery Within an approximately estimated time.
  • Service includes door pickup, transport and storage, customs clearance and door delivery Within an approximately estimated time.
  • Pickup of packages are possible only by appointed schedule.
  • There is no door-to-door service in Philippines incase address is found to be in a critical or rural area that can't be reached by delivery-van. In those cases, boxes must be picked up at our local agent's address.
  • Always provide working telephone number of receiver and complete delivery address including province and make sure that we can contact receiver during the expected time of deliveries, 2nd delivery will be charged additional fees or boxes must be picked up at our local agent's office.
  • Detailed packing list must be filled truthfully and signed personally by sender.
  • Sender carries full responsibility for contents of packages.
  • Bureau of custom has the right to inspect contents before shipment and refuse delivery in case any illegal articles found.
  • The following items are legally prohibited to enter in the Philippines: Explosive and Flammable materials, Ammunition, Weapons. Prohibited Drugs. Combustible Goods, Chemicals, Fire Arms, Vehicle/Car spare parts and accessories, all illegal items are not categorize as Personal Cargo.
  • Discovering of illegal or prohibited items may lead to confiscation by customs authorities.
  • All resulting fees and duties will be billed to sender. Forwarder/agent is not liable to recourse in that case. There is no right for claim of theft/damage of undeclared items.
  • Breakage or damage of goods caused by insufficient packing is not insured as well as breakage or damage of highly sensitive items like glass, electronics etc.
  • Make sure that breakable item inside the box is wrapped and placed carefully and rightly to avoid damages.
  • Pinas Express Cargo is not liable to any damages caused by improper packing of the items.
  • Every box is needed to be properly packed. Breakable items must be wrapped and crate properly to avoid damages (sufficient packaging tape, tying straps or wooden inlays).
  • Visible incorrectness or damage should be outlined clearly on delivery-receipt. Written com plaints must be reported within 24 hours directly after receiving the package by the receiver.
  • Pinas Express Cargo is not responsible for any damages, loss, delay caused by unforeseen circumstances such as catastrophe, political riots or war.
  • Cargo will not be delivered without full payment and will opt for auction after 6months.
  • Pinas Express Cargo cannot guarantee a shipment at a certain departure time since delays of transportations or lack of loading capacities can happen due to multiple reasons from port of origin to port of destination
  • Extended boxes and odd sizes boxes will be accepted as well but will be calculated by actual volume.
  • There is no weight-limit, but overloading of cartons may lead to damage of cartons and items. For heavy or breakable cargoes, we suggest providing of wooden boxes.